Wine walking tours
Wine walking tours

A unique  tour  for wine lovers who care for a healthy lifestyle and enjoy nature and first-hand experience. We arrive to the winery in the morning, walk along the vineyards for an hour or a bit more , while observing vine varieties, training systems and breathing the cool air of the mountains. When we get to the highest vineyards we are welcome in the shade of the gallery with empanadas cooked in the adobe oven, and an Argentine asado with wines of the winery,  chosen  to fully match the country food. After lunch we enjoy a coffee while sitting in the shade and go to visit the winery .

For groups coming in summer, we start at sunset when the vineyards cool down, walking along the vines for one hour and a half at a sports rythm, feeling the immensity of the landscape.  Then we stop at the winery , where we have a wine tasting of  premium malbec and other varietals of the first wine regions. Food matching includes gourmet “tapas” for all tastes.  
In the evenings where there is a full moon we have  an informal tango lesson led by a couple of tango dancers . Other evenings we devote to watching the stars of the Southern Hemisphere –guided by an astronomer.

Host Wineries/Location


Andeluna – Tupungato,  Uco Valley

A perfect blend between the tradition of the old world and the excitement of the new world wines. Stunning vineyards which climb up the foothills of the Andes. The winery blends classical varietals with world-class winemaking to create flavours and wines not to be found anywhere else.




Salentein – Tupungato, Uco Valley
A concept winery which has become the cultural center of  the Uco Valley; the winery, the Killka Art Museum, the chapel and  the country lodging, strategically placed  in a sea of vineyards constitute an ideal setting for our wine walking, either in the moonlight or in day light. Modern buildings designed by local architects Bórmida & Yanzon.



Clos de los Siete – Vistaflores, Uco Valley
An immense landscape  of 850 hectares  surrounded by the nearby Andes . Five wineries owned by French who - led by Michel Rolland - were captivated by  the  fantastic vine growing potential of this terroir. Each of the wineries is an architecture masterpiece by different local and foreign  authors.


Clos de los Siete
Clos de los Siete - Flecha de Los Andes.

Norton – Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo
Norton exports its high-end wines to 60 countries over the world. Its story is rich and tells of  the long, winding evolution experienced by the Argentine wines since the outset of the XXth century to the top-notch technological present. Its building is highly representative of this evolution. The surrounding vineyards take us walkers around a tour of many different ways of working the vineyards  as a result of an innovative “mapping” of each single plot, its soil and  sun exposure to get as many singular grapes as natural conditions provide. Historical underground cellar more than 70 year old vintage wines.



Terrazas de Los Andes –Perdriel, Lujan de Cuyo
The winery, part of the Moët –Hennessy  group  and specialized in still wines, was launched following the restauration of a Spanish winery dating  from 1898, facing the impressive mountains of Cordón del Plata, in Perdriel , Luján. High elevation  grape cultivation bécame the core of years of experience resulting in extraordinary wines which maximize fruit expression. Its wines are a perfect liason of French and Argentine wine cultures.


Terrazas de Los Andes


Host Vineyard  Estate
Santa María de los Andes, Pueblo de Viñas – Alto Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo

An 800 hectares estate of vineyards, to be sold in smaller productive lots. We walk up the winding olive trees path to the heart of the estate,  where the Guest House surrounded by lagoons makes the perfect shelter for guests in the heat of Mendoza’s summer evenings


Santa María


Time of departure: depending on wine region
Estimated time of arrival: depending on wine region
Duration:  5 to 6 hours without transfers
Place of departure and arrival: your hotel in Mendoza
Difficulty: none
Fun: high
Transport: private
Mínimum number of passengers: 2
Wines and food: Wine tastings of 4 wines. Healthy Gourmet Food including beef or trout, vegetables. Dessert and coffe.


  · Veg and /or Celiac options only with previous reservation


Personal equipment:  trekking shoes. 

Included: Transport  -  Mineral Water during walking - Wine Tasting  and Gourmet Food  - Tango practice  or Astronomy after dinner, for group evening programs.
Not Included:  personal equipment 

Price: to be quoted according to number of passengers